What school is the best school for my child? How can I tell if my child will thrive in the school I’ve chosen? Am I good enough to go to Cambridge? What does CAF mean? When do we need to apply to Eton?

Top School and Uni helps you to find the best school or university for your child and helps you to navigate the tricky applications too. Our friendly team of dedicated educational consultants and tutors take the time to get to know your family, ensuring you receive the best solution tailored to your needs. Clients receive a personalised service with discretion guaranteed.

We know that applying to schools and universities in the UK can be a complex process. It can be confusing, full of league tables, academic requirements and entrance tests. Application dates are often much earlier than expected and it can be tricky to work out what a school or university really wants from its candidates.

Parents approach Top School and Uni looking for someone to support them through this process. Our parents need someone who can answer all of their questions and who cares about their child’s school or university placement as much as they do. Top School & Uni is always there to answer your questions, mentor your child and to help your family find the right solution for your lifestyle. We help you and your child to plot a path that will guide them to success.

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Top School & Uni can guide a family from school selection, to acceptance and beyond. We work together with schools and education specialists, staying up to date with the latest school selection criteria to ensure that your child is supported on their academic pathway.

Top School & Uni realises that laying down academic groundwork before your child’s exam is important for success. From written exams to interviews, our team helps students to improve their subject knowledge, review their exam technique and progress through the competitive entrance process with confidence.

From creating a university shortlist, to preparing a strong personal statement and completing the UCAS application, we support students through all aspects of this process. We offer subject specific tuition alongside skills such as university exams (BMAT/UCAT/LNAT/HAT etc) and interview preparation.

Top School & Uni provides expert guidance and support for students at every stage of their application to Oxford and Cambridge, as well as those applying to top UK medical and law schools.
Our comprehensive and in-depth blog articles provide regularly updated knowledge and topics of discussion to help support students on their journey to higher education.


 Oxford Office: +44(0)1865 548459  

London Office: +44(0)2078 460259