Top School & Uni realises that laying down academic groundwork before your child’s exam is important for success. From written exams to interviews, our team helps students to improve subject knowledge, review their exam technique and go through the competitive entrance process with confidence. Examples of tuition include

Online and In-Person tuition covering 7+, 8+, Pre-Test, ISEB, CAT-4, 13+ and 16+ with specialist private tutors.

11+ private tuition – including CEM, GL, CSSE, ISEB

Scholarship tuition – including Eton Kings, Winchester elections, Westminster challenge and Harrow.

English language tuition for UKiset and IELTS

Exam technique guidance.

Tutors that can live with your family providing intensive Residential Tuition.

Our tuition partners, The Education Hotel offer school entrance tuition with engaging tutors from the highest academic backgrounds. Their tutors bring English to life, making lessons fun and engaging by practising real world scenarios where English is used.

The Education Hotel has a team of over 70 tutors. Their tutors are carefully selected, trained and are reviewed regularly. Every family who takes tuition with The Education Hotel gets a report after each lesson, outlining their child’s strenghts and areas of focus. They also get access to The Education Hotel’s members club, which contains video learning, online subscriptions and practice papers to help your child thrive.

London Office: +44(0)2078 460259  

Hourly Advice Sessions

Navigating the different entrance exams can be complex for parents. With so many excellent schools offering various exams it can be difficult to work out where to start.

Top School & Uni offers parents the chance to talk with a member of our team for one hour about their specific concerns surrounding school applications.

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