If your child’s school has closed due to Coronavirus or their education is being disrupted, we can help. Our experienced online tutors are skilled at delivering high-quality lessons online.

Homework help (£10 per 30 mins)

Are you struggling to work from home and also support your child’s learning? Do you just want 30 mins of peace? Are you finding that school wok is turning into a daily battle? Homework help offers online tutors to support your child with homework that they have been set from school. Your child receives 1;1 support with their homework, interaction with a live tutor to answer their questions, and you get a period when you can work uninterrupted.

PERFECT IF – you need a virtual tutor quickly who can support homework or one off tasks

WHY CHOOSE THE EDUCATION HOTEL – all of our homework help mentors are DBS checked, competent using online software and experienced tutors. They are used to capturing and holding a child’s focus during subject tuition.

Friends Group Online Lessons (from £15)

Why not get together with friends and share the cost of tuition?

  • 5 friends at £15 per lesson
  • 4 friends at £20 per lesson

(Payments taken in advance)

PERFECT IF – your child has friends who want to all get together and learn a similar topic. If the class was due to learn about the Egyptians, rainforests, botany etc. but no longer can. Or if you want your child and their friends to just get their math and english lessons for the day taught by a teacher.

WHY CHOOSE THE EDUCATION HOTEL –  Our tutors are hand selected for their experience in tutoring or teaching (many are qualified teachers), their excellent qualifications and their  personality when working with children. We have experience tutoring online, having worked as an online tuition agency since we began. In addition many of our tutors have amazing experiences that they love to use to get children enthused in their subject. One of our tutors has worked with Stephen Fry, another is a stunt woman!

Individual Online Lessons (from £55)

It has never been easier to receive quality one to one tutoring from expert tutors via Skype, Zoom, WeChat or Facetime. Enjoy the rigours of one-to-one tuition whilst in the safety of your own home. Each new student is personally assessed by our director Jemma Zoe Smith, ensuring that your tutor is the best fit for you and your family.
  • Quality assured – The Education Hotel is proud to be a member of the Tutors Association
  • Experienced tutor who have taught online for years
  • Book with confidence – we have been in business for years – and will not leave your child to struggle once COVID-19 is over
  • Safe and secure
  • Explore creative and effective ways of learning with online whiteboards, videos and games.
  • Recording your lessons and save your resources digitally for later revision.

Education Consulting Package (£250 weekly)

Designed for students who need more support than school is currently giving, our consultants will ensure that your child’s time off of school is productive. Children will discover new ways of learning, independent study skills and will create projects that matter to them. At the same time our education consultants will ensure that each project is linked to the national curriculum and the regular check ins will ensure that the child is not struggling to access the work.

  • 30 mins initial consultation call.
  • Personalised recommended resource lists.
  • Weekly timetable pack designed to fit in with current school topics.
  • Individualised lesson plans.
  • Daily 10 min check in calls to ensure that you are on track.
  • Liaise with school teachers if needed.

We have assisted many students with entrance into the top U.K. schools and Universities. Our highly experienced tutors have access to excellent resources and can offer support to the entire family going through an application process.  We cover 7/8+, the Common Pre-Tests, 11+, Common Entrance (13+), 16+, UCAT, BMAT and MAT. We also offer Scholarship preparation.

The Education Hotel offers outstanding support to students sitting (I)GCSEs, IB, Pre-U and A-Level examinations. Our tutors have in-depth knowledge of exam board curricula and targeted content, exam technique and time management. Having a tutor’s help can ensure that your child feels confident and prepared by the time that they sit their exams.

Many students use online tuition as a way to supplement school teaching, especially in cases where students are abroad and looking to enter UK schools in a few years time. We also tutor a number of students with educational needs (SEN), as our tutors can offer additional support outside of the school environment.

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