It’s not uncommon for students to miss out on the university they wanted or for their A-Level results to be lacking. For some, the best option is to take a Gap Year.

We look ahead and consider what teenagers can do to make the most of a ‘Forced Gap Year’

1) Re-Applying To University

Take the time to consider whether the course you originally applied for really is for you. Now is the perfect time to take stock and apply for what you really want. For example, if last year you applied for Oxbridge and were rejected – would you consider reapplying? Do you still want to study medicine? Remember, if you are applying for Oxbridge, medicine, dentistry or vet med, you will need to apply by October.

A common question: is it worth appealing if I am going to take a year out and resit? Answer: YES! Remember that you have to put down your first sitting of A-Level grades on your UCAS form so you want them to be as good as possible.

2) Travel

For some, travel is a quintessential part of a gap year and one which, if given the opportunity, every student should consider. It doesn’t need to be international travel either. The UK has some amazing locations to discover!

3) Re-Taking Exams

For those students who are needing to sit exams, there is a key question: October or May? There is no right answer to this because it is very much a personal preference and one which our tutors have debated over in the past….

4) Building Skills

If you are hoping to become a lawyer, would another language help you stand out? Or would learning to code help you with your dream of becoming a graphic designer? Now is the time to sign up for courses to help you build your skills

5) Working

Whether it is to earn money, gain experience for your UCAS application or to try a job which you may be interested in perusing  full time, work experience is a great way to gain skills and money. Why not reach out to local companies or sign yourself up as a freelancer on sites such as Fiver?


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