Becoming familiar with The Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) is essential for students wanting to gain entrance to many of the most competitive law schools within the UK.

How do students prepare for LNAT with tuition?

When understanding how to study for the LNAT students must recognise that there are two sections of the test. Unlike other exams, Test A and Test B are two totally different exams and have to be taught as such.

• Test A is a pure verbal reasoning test with no “formal knowledge” aspect.

• Test B follows an essay style exam which requires applicants to present a logically coherent argument.

For Test A tutors typically focus on a programme of question and answers with feedback given at the end of the session. Tutors aim to equip students with the skills required for a verbal exam and will focus on perceived areas that need improvement. By the end of the programme, students should be confident with this style of exam and understand the patterns seen in the types of questions typically asked.

For Test B tutors will focus on showing students how to write their essays and how to structure an effective argument. Students will learn how to understand the nature of typical essay questions and what the admissions team are searching for in an ideal candidate. Applicants are expected to present persuasive arguments that touch upon cultural, moral, political and legal issues. Typically a short programme of questions and answers is recommended when preparing for this test as well.

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