Medicine applications in the UK are unlike other those for other degrees. Medical applicants are restricted to 4 universities, required to take the UCAT or BMAT and treated as a professional attending a job interview with the NHS – their prospective employer.

Top School and Uni can support you in your application each step of the way. Our UK Medicine University Programme includes everything you need for a successful application.

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Do you want to turn your medical school dreams into a medical school offer?

Our comprehensive programme can get you there

1. UK university selection – We are here to help you to find the right university for you. You will receive expert application advice from our advisors. They will help ensure you have the best possible application.

    1. University recommendations based on your academic profile, strengths and weaknesses
    2. Recommended reading and lecture lists to learn more about your subject
    3. Work experience recommendations
    4.  Oxbridge College Choice Course (if applicable)

3. UCAT or BMAT practice – Students will require high scores in these test to ensure offers are made

    1. One-to-one sessions with a specialist UCAT or BMAT tutor
    2. Our group UCAT or BMAT course
    3. Various bestselling UCAT or BMAT textbooks
    4. UCAT or BMAT mock papers to practice with
    5. UCAT or BMAT Paper marking and feedback

2. Personal statement support – A strong personal statement lays the foundation for your medicine application.

    1. Access to all 4 of our personal statement masterclasses
    2. 3 hours of 1:1 focus with a medicine specialist to help you to perfect your statement
    3. Syllabus Reading List

4. Interview skills (either 1:1 or MMI) –  At this final stage of a medicine application, arriving prepared to an interview will maximise a student’s chances of being successful.

    1. Interview workshops – each student is offered 2 workshops with our interview experts. These classes cover how to shine in a university interview and speaking techniques which can help students to overcome their nerves
    2. 1:1 interview practice – each student can access 3 mock interviews for their subject.
    3. Recorded videos covering all aspects of the university interview process
    4. Interview questions pack for your specific subject – so that you can go away and practice these commonly asked interview questions
    5. F.A.Q. session with one of our advisors to ask all the questions that you need before your interviews.

How can Top School and Uni help?

Our expert interviewers are medicine graduates from UK universities and our admissions consultants sit on the admissions boards of top UK medical schools, including Imperial, King’s College London and Oxford. Both our tutors and consultants help students to tackle medicine interviews with confidence and knowledge.

We know that there are lots of choices when it comes to making a medicine application. Our application programme supports you, whatever your choices

Needing UCAT or BMAT? Our 2 courses and specialised tutors support students, whichever exam they decide to take. If you would like to choose UCAT or BMAT, just let us know when you book and we’ll pair students with an expert UCAT or BMAT Tutor.

Needing MMI support? Our MMI tutors teach students the strategies that give students confidence in any MMI Station. If clients would like to choose MMI Tutoring, just let us know when you book and we’ll pair students with an expert MMI Tutor.

Needing Oxbridge support? – Our Oxbridge tutors support students in navigating the additional challenges that come with applying to Oxford or Cambridge. If you’d like to choose Oxbridge Tutoring, just let us know when you book and we’ll pair you with an expert Oxbridge Tutor.

Oxford Office: +44(0)1865 548459  

London Office: +44(0)2078 460259