The application process to Oxford and Cambridge is fraught with challenges. Students are expected to demonstrate in-depth knowledge as well as passion for their subject(s) matched with intellectual curiosity. Many successful applicants start preparation 12-18 months prior to submitting their application. However some students are unsure if Oxbridge is really for them. Others want to have support finding books to read, lectures to watch or even sorting out work experience.

Our Oxford mentors can help students to prepare to make a competitive application. All mentors have attended Oxford or Cambridge and have therefore gone through this process themselves, so are in a unique position to offer advice. Some of our Oxbridge mentors are tutors for their respective colleges and so have unique knowledge of what interviewers are looking for.

We can help answer many questions that potential Oxbridge applicants have, including:

  • How do I decide between Oxford and Cambridge?
  • Have I chosen the right subject?
  • Would specific course choices affect my chances of success?
  • How will course choice affect potential career pathways?
  • What’s the difference between the colleges?
  • Do I stand a better chance if I apply to one vs. another?

Our mentors can also help students to get a feel for what studying in these top institutions would mean, by offering personalised tours for students and their families.

How Top School & Uni Can Help

Preparation is done through classes, finding work experience, and accompanied visits to lectures, talks and debates.

We offer taster days, with guided visits to Oxford and Cambridge, where you can tour the university with a current undergraduate / postgraduate in your subject of interest.

Every course and every college is different, so choosing the right one for you can be challenging. Our specialist mentors use their expert knowledge to steer students on to the best path for them.

Our mentors help prepare students for the challenging tests presented by Oxford and Cambridge. Mentors prepare their students for not only their subject specific knowledge, but also for abstract reasoning, situational judgement, and decision-making. Creating a clear plan on how to tackle the different elements of each paper. Tests covered include: UCAT, BMAT, LNAT, ELAT, HAT and TSA.

Our mentors have first hand insight into what the Oxbridge admissions tutors like to see. They can help applicants to convey their skills, motivations, and long term goals through their personal statement.

Oxbridge interviews differ in style from other other universities as they are focused on their ‘tutorial-style’ of learning. To tackle this, mentors will engage with students in regular tutorial sessions where they will explore the content written in their student’s personal statement, subject-specific material and learn about the new concepts they will need to grasp for their interview.

A Selection Of Our Specialist Oxbridge Tutors

Carmen Pinon
Psychology, BSc, Neuroscience ,PhD • University of Rio de Janeiro
Lecturer in Psychology & Neuroscience, Brasenose College • University of Oxford
Lecturer in Psychology, St Catherine’s College • University of Oxford
Lecturer in Psychology, Queen’s College, Lady Margaret Hall • University of Oxford
I have over 20 years experience in teaching Biomedical Sciences and Psychology at secondary school and higher education. In my time in teaching I have helped students in their exams and entrance requirement preparations.
Lucy Auton
Maths (1:1) • MMath Masters of Mathematics • University Of Oxford
Engineering Science • PHD • University of Oxford – Currently a part-time Postdoctoral Research
Assistant in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
Stipendiary lecturer in Mathematics for Pembroke College, University of Oxford
I enjoy passing my passion for maths onto my students. I am lucky enough to have travelled all over Europe teaching residentially for intensive weeks during the school holidays. I’m keen to pursue a career combining high level maths tutoring with academic research to give my students a real feel for where academia can take you.
Sarah Nurmohamed
Biochemistry (1:1), PhD • University of Cambridge
Research position in Translational Medicine • University of Oxford
Lecturer in Medicine, Biology & Biochemistry, Worcester College & Exeter College • University of Oxford
I completed my DPhil (PhD) at the University of Cambridge and have taught students in the Natural Sciences Tripos at Emmanuel College and Trinity College, Cambridge. Upon successfully completing my DPhil, I moved to the University of Oxford to perform cutting edge research in Translational Medicine in the search for cures for cancer. In Oxford I have lectured students in Medicine, Biology and Biochemistry at Worcester and Exeter Colleges, and have actively participated in University of Oxford admissions. I teach Biology, Biochemistry and Medicine up to A-level, undergraduate and graduate levels and have coached many students through their exams.

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