Every student applying to a UK University goes through the process of writing a personal statement. However, as the Oxbridge application process is so competitive, many students want to get an expert opinion on their statement.

Top School & Uni offers a 4 hour programme in which students can access the expertise of a specialist Oxbridge tutor. Tutors are selected on the basis of their academic background and their experience in supporting students in accessing Oxford and Cambridge university.
Through four one-hour sessions, students are guided through the process of crafting a personal statement that conveys their passion and interest for their subject.

Our team carefully selects tutors and introduces them to you. From this point, your family and their tutor can arrange timings for sessions together. Rest assured, our specialist tutors are graduates from top universities or are active/recently retired lecturers.

Tutors work closely with students to help draft a strong personal statement, ensuring that their experiences and interests are correctly weighted to suit the course they want to attend. A well-crafted personal statement is the first step to impressing the Oxbridge admissions team – showing them that you will be the right fit for their university.

Competitive applicants have far more to say than they can include in the parameters of their personal statement. Many students need guidance in how to choose a select number of themes or ideas, allowing them to make points that have considerable thought behind them.

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