Interviews help schools distinguish which students will thrive in their learning environment. At Top School & Uni our aim is to bring out the best in each student, which means helping students to flourish in their own unique way. This approach helps to convey to an interviewer that a child has several key qualities such as extracurricular interests, an awareness of the world around them and intellectual engagement.

We offer two programmes for students who are preparing for school interviews.

Mock Interviews

1. A mock interview session with our education consultants, plus a report. The mock interview sessions offer the chance for students to practise their interview technique with an adult who is used to interviewing students. Your child will be asked a variety of common interview questions, plus some more unusual ones. After the mock interview, you will be provided with a 3 page report outlining which questions were asked and any advice that our interviewers have to help improve your child’s interview technique.

Interview Skills

2. Interview skills programme – designed for children who are a little reticent about school interviews, our 4 sessions of interview skills will help students to build their familiarity and confidence in answering school interview questions. Your child will be taught how to craft their interview answers, using the STAR and SPOT techniques. They will also gain public speaking skills, techniques to help with nerves and a chance to practise the different types of interview questions that they may be asked in a school interview.

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