About Us

Top School & Uni is a bespoke service offering premium guidance to families around the world. Our dedicated and experienced team take the time to get to know your family, ensuring you receive the best solutions tailored to your needs. Clients receive a personalised service with discretion guaranteed.

Our director, Jemma Zoe Smith, meets regularly with all of our families to ensure that they feel supported. We aim to be the first people you come to for advice on choosing the right school or university for your child.


Oxford Office: +44(0)1865 548459  

London Office: +44(0)2078 460259  

About Our Director

Jemma Zoe Smith graduated from Oriel College at Oxford University in 2013, having studied her BSc and Master’s degree in Biochemistry. She returned to Oxford University in 2017 to gain her teacher training qualification. While at Oxford University, she worked with the university access team, where she supported schools to broaden the range of students applying to Oxbridge. One of her most surreal moments was when she met Michelle Obama and took part in a press conference when Michelle Obama visited Christ Church College.

Jemma has extensive knowledge of the education sector. From 2015 to 2018 she managed a school for students aged 17-19, focusing on helping students to secure UK university places in competitive fields such as Medicine, Law, Computing and Business. She frequently acts as an external consultant for education companies on entry to Oxbridge and top independent schools. She has been featured in The Independent, Telegraph and Guardian and is often asked to comment on educational issues.  In 2019 she travelled to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing to give a series of talks to parents about Oxbridge admissions and in 2020 she was asked to take part in a panel for Ghanaian parents regarding entrance to top UK independent schools.

In addition, Jemma meets with families all over the world to help them to select the right school and to prepare for entering the British education system. She has worked with families all over the world including Dubai, California, Turkey, Italy and Kenya. Last year she supported students who were accepted into the top UK schools and universities. These included: Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham Ladies College.

About Our Staff

Your school search is unique to your family, which is why we ensure that our team has enough experience to help guide you. The relationship between our team and your family sits at the core of our services. We ensure that your tutor or consultant will not only have a great rapport with your child, but also understands the needs of your whole family.

We know that Top School and Uni does not mean the same to everyone. For some, this may mean the most academic school, or the university with the greatest career prospects. For others, this is the school with the greatest level of pastoral care, or best SEN provision, or the university with the most international student body. Or education consultants are specialists within their area, ensuring that, whether you are looking for a small nurturing day school in London or a university that offers amazing placement years, we have the specialist who can help.

Our exemplary staff come from the highest academic backgrounds, specialising in a full array of subjects at all levels. Prospective tutors and consultants are carefully screened, DBS checked and interviewed by our Director before becoming a tutor. We work with a small network of highly trusted professionals, only actively seeking out new employees when our clients have specific needs.

Alongside our tutors and consultants, we also have a number of former headteachers and specialised education consultants on our Advisory Board, many of whom give support directly to families.

Email: info@topschoolanduni.com