Why You Should Be Looking At Your Personal Statement Now

Your personal statement is only 4,000 characters or 47 lines long; that’s roughly 500 words, or only a little longer than this blog post. So you may be wondering, with

How To Select The Right University For You

Choosing your university is a complicated decision with long-lasting consequences. Moving between universities can be both time-consuming and expensive, so it’s much better to get the decision right first time.

How Tutors Can Help Students With Dyslexia

There’s been something of a revolution in our understanding of dyslexia over the past few decades. Once written off by the education system, students with dyslexia now face a much

The Importance of Interview Skills

If you’ve never interviewed someone for a position, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of interviews. You might think that a bad interview shouldn’t make that much difference; it’s just

Day Schools vs Boarding Schools

One vital decision you may have to make when choosing your child’s school is between a day school and a boarding school. Each has different advantages and disadvantages, and a

How To Explore Medicine

There are many more prospective Medicine applicants every year than there are course places available, but Medicine is a more demanding career than many people realise. Life as a junior

How To Explore Law

Law at university is a competitive course. To be accepted, you’ll need good grades, a strong personal statement, and you’ll probably need to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the subject at

The differences Between British & American Universities

While most students still study in their home countries, an increasing number are drawn to go overseas, particularly by the internationally famous universities of the UK and the USA. Universities

Why Choose Oxbridge?

The two oldest and most prestigious universities in the UK are the University of Cambridge (founded 1209) and the University of Oxford (founded so long ago that the date is

What To Do If You Don’t Get The Right Grades For University

A-Level results are released on the 15th of August this year: the day when thousands of teenagers up and down the country will find out if their grades are good