Oxford & Cambridge are two of the most challenging universities to apply to. Even the most determined applicants often need some guidance in order to demonstrate their full potential to the admissions team.

Top School & Uni’s mastermind blends group classes and email feedback to support a student through the whole of their application to Oxford or Cambridge and beyond. Our mastermind uses our university advisors’ collective experience alongside support from Oxbridge tutors and graduates to offer a programme aimed at maximising an applicant’s chances of success. While no course can ‘guarantee a place’ at Oxbridge, by building on a student’s existing academic strengths, we can help to develop their passion and confidence through this mastermind.

Our Mastermind focuses on three main areas:

• Personal Statements

• UCAS Support, Reading Lists & Projects

• Interview Skills

Please note that this course does not cover admissions tests.

A personal statement needs to include high quality academics and impressive experiences to convince the admissions team that a student has the abilities they’re looking for.

Students need to convey that they love what they’re choosing to study. The admissions team wants to know that you will thrive at university and come out with top marks.

This part of the course gives students a taste of what their Oxbridge interview will be like. It helps students develop a coherent and calm demeanour, so that their answers are structured and well thought out.

Oxford Office: +44(0)1865 548459  

London Office: +44(0)2078 460259  


Oxford Office: +44(0)1865 548459  


London Office: +44(0)2078 460259