When entering a child for a Scholarship there are many aspects to consider to maximise their chances of success. The scholarship exam should be thought of as a more challenging variation of the common entrance exam – although the two exams share some commonalities, they can be vastly different in certain areas.

It’s true that students can be awarded a scholarship based on their achievements and results within a particular subject or area of education. The decision by the school can be made irrespective of background or financial situation because the scholarship application process only aims to identify the most gifted students.

Our specialist scholarship tutors offer students extra support when preparing for a scholarship exam. Within this field of education we engage a number of tutors who understand the application process, either because they have worked or are currently working within the independent school environment, or because they have a proven track record of helping young people achieve a scholarship to their desired school.

At Top School & Uni we have a diverse selection of experienced tutors who have experience in tutoring for scholarship exams across a wide range of schools. Our tutors aim to build confidence in a child and provide academic expertise and support, focusing on academic areas that may need attention to ensure the best possible performance during the exam.

Without preparation, scholarship interviews can be daunting. However, interview coaching provided by our tutors will give students plenty of practice with the tough questions as well as the easy ones. School Admissions teams not only want to hear about academic achievements, but extra curricular experiences as well. Our interview preparation tutors help your child to develop confidence and feel relaxed at their scholarship interviews.

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At Top School & Uni our aim is to support students in fully realising their creative and artistic talent, helping young people understand the long term benefits of a career in the Arts. Pursuing creativity also has other benefits for students: it can enhance confidence and broaden worldviews, while giving students the skills and knowledge to succeed in all their studies.

Many of the UK’s art institutions have highly competitive courses with specialised subject pathways. Therefore, we understand the need for expert guidance in fields such as art, design, fashion, and architecture education.

Top School & Uni can offer services including:

• Mentoring

• One-To-One Tuition

• Portfolio Preparation

• Homeschooling Tuition

• Mock Interviews

• Exam Preparation

Oxford Office: +44(0)1865 548459  

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