Online Tuition

It has never been easier to receive quality one to one tutoring from expert tutors via Skype, Zoom, WeChat or Facetime. Enjoy the rigours of one-to-one tuition whilst in the comfort of your own home.

Each new student is personally assessed by our director Jemma Zoe Smith, ensuring that your tutor is the best fit for you and your family.

Advantages Of Online Tuition​:

  • Safe and secure.
  • Access to The Education Hotel’s premium tutors wherever you or they are.
  • Flexibility and convenience – tutors and students have greater availability with no need to travel.
  • Explore creative and effective ways of learning with online whiteboards, videos and games.
  • Recording your lessons and save your resources digitally for later revision.
  • Help and support at boarding school.

In-Person Tuition

Research and experience has shown the value of one-to-one tuition. This approach focuses on a student’s individual needs, inspiring and motivating them to learn. In-person tuition allows a tutor and student to work together: building confidence, tailoring support and offering new ways to study.

Face to face tutors engage students with science experiments, board games and physical activity. We can present knowledge in a different way than in the classroom. Face to face tutoring often allows whole families to have access to our tutors. This enables, for example, one student preparing for upcoming GCSE’s to be followed by a sibling who needs help with reading practice. Our students love seeing their tutor each week and often ask to see them more than once.

Residential Tuition

The reasons for residential tuition are varied. Sometimes extra support is needed when important exams are imminent. Or perhaps traditional schooling may not be suited to a family’s lifestyle.

Residential tuition allows for a tutor and student to take advantage of family holidays, long weekends or breaks within the school year to develop additional knowledge outside of the curriculum.

Our tutors have worked with children for several years and have extensive experience in residential tutoring. The U.K. office offer admin support so that tutors can focus on your child and their specialised programme. Education Hotel tutors don’t just act as a teacher to your child – whilst with you they act as mentors, role models and guidance counsellors.

(Please note that this is a specialised service – email to speak to a member of our team).

School Placement

Every parent wants the best for their child. We understand that school selection can be often be a series of confusing application days and that the best choice of school for your child may not be obvious.

The Education Hotel can guide a family from school selection, to acceptance and beyond. We work together with schools and education specialists, staying up to date with the latest school selection criteria to ensure that your child is supported along on their academic pathway. We have helped students to gain entrance to some of the top schools.

These include:

  • Harrow
  • Eton
  • Westminster
  • Wycombe Abbey
  • Downe House
  • Cheltenham Ladies College
  • Oundle
  • Marlborough

University Placement

If you are considering a U.K. university application, The Education Hotel can support you every step of the way. Through regular meetings with students and their families we can demystify the process of applying to a U.K. university.

From creating a university shortlist, to preparing a strong personal statement and completing the UCAS application, we support students through all aspects of this process. We offer subject specific preparation alongside skills such as public speaking and interview techniques. We are pleased to have worked with students who have gained places at the top-ranked universities in the U.K.

These include:

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • UCL
  • LSE
  • Bristol
  • Kings College London
  • Durham
  • Warwick

Medical Schools:

  • Sheffield
  • Exeter
  • Imperial

Education Advice

This service offers parents the opportunity to obtain tailored advice at a time that’s convenient to them from The Education Hotel’s Director Jemma Zoe Smith. Whether you’re moving location, changing school, or simply finding the U.K. system confusing. These meetings can be particularly useful when families need additional information about the educational landscape and want to learn about the different forms education that are available to them.

This meeting could cover:

  • How to make the U.K. school work for you.
  • How to apply to a U.K. university.
  • Choosing one school over another.
  • How to stretch your child academically.
  • Scholarships & bursaries.
  • Grammar schools.
  • Oxford & Cambridge.
  • Summer schools.
  • Home schooling & world schooling
  • Prep schools.
  • Revision.
  • Taking time out of school.
  • School communication.
  • SEN needs – how to support your child.
  • How to advocate for your child.

One-off meetings with The Education Hotel’s Director Jemma Zoe Smith are done online or via phone – lasting up to 60 minutes at the cost of £100.

Please note: The Education Hotel does not recommend specific schools or universities to you at these meetings. This is because all our school recommendations are tailored to individual children following in-depth research on your child and discussion with potential schools. This would form a part of another service, please visit our School Placement page or University Placement page for more details.


Mentors work closely with students to ensure they are fully supported in every aspect of their life. Our programme helps young people grow in their confidence, achieve higher academic standards and teaches them how to make decisions independently.

We choose mentors who are strong role models instilling motivation in young people and offering guidance for students to achieve their ambitions.

Mentors are nurturing and positive individuals. They can support students in the following areas:

  • Creating personal and educational goals.
  • Balancing studies with extracurricular activities.
  • Homework support.
  • Developing skills to be an independent learner.
  • Assisting with contact between their school and families.
  • Guiding the student towards the next step of their journey.

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