The oldest university in the UK, the University of Oxford, is like nowhere else. The application process is lengthy and competitive: it has an earlier deadline for applications than most other universities, you typically have to submit examples of your work, and you’ll need to attend an interview, possibly several, alongside the standard UCAS application requirements. Not to mention that you’ll need outstanding grades. So is it really worth the effort? 

We think so – and there are two sets of reasons: the head, and the heart.

The Head

The University of Oxford offers an outstanding educational experience. At most universities, you’ll be taught in lectures with hundreds of other people, and in seminars with perhaps a dozen. Oxford has another form of tuition: the tutorial. That’s just you, one or two other students, and a leading expert in your field, focusing on your studies, for an hour every week. It’s much more intensive and focused than university teaching almost anywhere else. 

Beyond this, and because of it, the University of Oxford has an unmatched international reputation. Across the world, people have heard of the University of Oxford. An Oxford degree opens doors wherever you go, and in any career path. 

What’s more, at Oxford you can enjoy an incredible array of extracurricular activities. These can be just as important as the work you do for your degree in finding out where your passions lie, making friends and making connections. Many Oxford graduates find their career is shaped as much by their involvement in debating, acting or the student newspaper as it is by their studies. 

The Heart

The University of Oxford is historic and beautiful. Neither of these traits makes any difference to your future career prospects or the quality of the education you’ll receive, but they’re undeniably a factor in why people choose the university. 

The University of Oxford also lets you follow in the footsteps of remarkable alumni. Countless world leaders, literary giants, innovative scientists, sporting stars and more have studied here, and it’s inspiring to know that you can walk the same halls, live in the same rooms and, in some cases, even study with the same tutors as they did. Finally, you can take part in what are often centuries-old traditions. Wherever you’re from and whatever your background, at the University of Oxford you can feel part of something ancient and important, where your studies and your contribution will be valued, by people who share your interests, enthusiasm and drive.


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