Are you looking at universities? Are you struggling to find inspiration to write a personal statement?Are you stuck trying to decide what should be included?

It has never been easier to receive quality tuition online. So, this summer, why not join Top School & Uni’s ‘Personal Statement Mastermind’ Course from wherever you’re planning to be?

Top School & Uni’s Director will releasing a video course, taught by our Director Jemma Zoe Smith, aimed at supporting students to write their personal statement. These fun lessons aim to show teens how to draft a strong personal statement, ensuring that their experiences and interests are correctly weighted to suit the course they want to attend.

In addition to the videos, students will receive a 30min one to one video call with one of Top School & Uni’s personal statement tutors.

Why is a personal statement so important? A well-crafted personal statement is the first and most important step to impressing an admissions team and showing them that you will be the right fit for their university.

A correctly structured personal statement should follow a logical narrative about the applicant and convey their enthusiasm for their chosen subject. It is important to impress university admission teams and show them that you are the right fit for their course. Whether you are in Year 11 and thinking ahead with the aim of applying to a highly competitive course, or in Year 12 and needing to submit your first draft personal statement in September. This course can help you to draft your personal statement – the first step in any UK university application.


  • What is covered? By the end of the course students will have a first draft of their personal statement, some students may have a polished personal statement.
  • Will the course be online or in-person? Pre-recorded videos – online.
  • What will student’s receive? Students will a selection of pre-recorded and a one to one 30min video call with one of Top School & Uni’s personal statement tutors.
  • Who are the tutors? The course will be run by Director Jemma Zoe Smith, you can view her credentials on our About page. All other tutors involved at Top School & Uni come from the highest academic background and are DBS checked. For more information visit our Advisory Board page.
  • Which countries should apply? This course is open to students around the world. However, this course focuses on UK Universities.
  • Do you offer one to one tuition? Yes, please visit our Personal Statement Support page for more information.
  • Should my teen join this course if they are unsure what they want to study at university? Yes, students will be encouraged to pick a subject they’re interested in for the purposes of writing their personal statement during the course. The skills they learn will be transferable if they choose to write another personal statement at another time.

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