Although Law is a competitive subject, not every university has interviews. However, some do, and it’s important to be ready for the types of questions you might encounter. Typically interviews aim to test an applicant’s analytical skills when put on the spot, their capacity to interpret short extracts at a basic level, and to discuss a broad policy question on materials given. In conclusion, universities are looking for thoughtful, competent, and sensible answers, rather than ‘correct’ answers.

Our tutors focus on teaching students how to change their way of thinking in order to be able to tackle tricky questions in a logical way. The interviewers will typically challenge students on their answers and knowing when to stand your ground or change sides is very important. Top School & Uni’s service provides students with realistic and meaningful ways to improve their skills and performance at interview.

Want to secure the best Law School? Top School & Uni can help.

Top School & Uni’s expert interviewers are all Law graduates from UK universities and our admissions consultants sit on the admissions board of top UK Law schools, including UCL and Oxford. Both of these help our students to tackle Law university interviews with confidence.

Over this 4 hour course, tutors will discuss the best way to answer the standard “Why do you want to study Law?” questions, how to answer tricky academic questions such as “Should it be illegal to run a red light in the middle of the night on an empty road?” and how best to present yourself in ethics problems. Our tutors tailor this course towards the specific university that a student is applying to, this means that each student receives bespoke support.

Need Oxbridge Law support? – Our Oxbridge tutors help students to navigate the additional challenges that come with applying to Oxford and Cambridge. If you’d like to choose Oxbridge Tutoring, just let us know when you book and we’ll pair you with an expert Oxbridge tutor.

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  3. Pre-Oxbridge Mentoring
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• All interview sessions are 1:1 and are booked in blocks of 4 hours •

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