Icon saying one to one personal statement support

Our 1 hour mini personal statement review allows students to get a professional eye on their statement before they submit their statement to their chosen universities. It can be used to touch up or polish a statement that has already been written.

Before the session – you will need to provide a full written personal statement, all of your university choices and 3 questions that you have regarding this statement.

In the session, the tutor will read through your statement and answer the questions that you have asked. They might focus on:

  • grammar
  • storytelling
  • cutting down your statement to the character limit
  • ensuring the balance of material
  • introductions and endings

Please note – the tutor cannot write any part of your statement for you. They can advise and recommend only. The tutor will spend one hour working with you and offering advice.

After the session, you will be able to make any of the tweaks that our personal statement tutors have suggested to you. You are free to book another session if you feel it would benefit you